I created some small drawings and animation experiments with Nancy Peart. These focused on the visualisations of everyday objects being used by virtual assistants.


We wanted to create some new content that featured a more grounded aesthetic to the design process. The discussion we had was around the use of shape and layout to construct still image narratives that translate technically into animation.


In this process I was taking on the role of a designer, thinking about composition, colour and layout for the images when constructing the narrative.


The image on the left is my arrangement of shapes and navigation elements as part of the design. The right side is Nancy’s drawing.

Nancy’s main project theme was focused towards the ideas of death as a character and feminism in contemporary culture.

This is the animated version of the images that I have created. I was thinking about corruption and representation being displayed through the glitch effects on the moving images. I feel like it’s a much better and coherent design aesthetic over our previous work.


I still question the audiences for this type of content. I think it works well as a 2D design process. I feel there is some potential in this route of online publishing.



These are some further designs. With both of us taking on the same roles. We experimented with typography and image design. This one on the left in particular works quite well as a cover.


The gif animation on the right is very aggressive because of the bright colour scheme and pacing of its frames. It works quite well as an instant advertisement for social media but I don’t think it’s very easy on the eye to look at it for long periods of time in comparison to an image/output that requires replay value.

These are more designs which I think work well as still graphic images with audiences based around online publishing.

This is an animation focused on putting together all of the previous animations into one consistent moving image. It was a good chance to experiment with the pacing of images.


I think all of the images and stand alone animations worked very well individually but I feel that they can become disjointed in terms of communication when all presented together. Some just work better as still images like the shoe system design.


When creating future animations in this format I need to think more about the pacing and relationships the images have over time.


Nancy talks about the process of making the designs in her blog

Because the line work is very rounded on Nancy’s work while my direction is hard edged, I thought this could be an interesting language which is very conflicting but compliments each other through the use of colour separation.

These are some recent graphic illustrations I have created, based around the iZombie tv series.


The main protagonist Liv Moore is a zombie in the show however she still functions as a human with the side affects of needing to eat brains. Once consumed she takes the role of that persons personality for a period of time. I have used the three toned colour system in the design to reflect these complications of her personality and how she is presented as a non traditional zombie character.


We were interested in combining both of our drawing aesthetics to create designs that feel transformed in this way but relating to a narrative path around user interaction and identity.

We are planning to feature some of these designs in online publications and potentially in the upcoming degree show shop as physical prints and T-shirts.


These are stock free images I have used to give representation and promotion for the wearable designs.


This smaller project was an interesting process of development for me because I could refocus on the 2D digital design aspects of my work in a collaborative context which extends from my work with Nocturnal magazine earlier this year.

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